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An award winning array of the finest cured meats produced in the rolling hills around Siena in Tuscany. The Gelli cured meats selection is the true definition of artisan quality and taste.  All the products are made from family recipes handed down over generations and the curing process overseen by expert artisans headed by the Maestro himself, 80 year old Signor Gelli.

The range includes some outstanding salami, from the classic Fennel Salami to the fabulous Wild Boar or Milano Salami. There is also the melt in your mouth Tuscan Prosciutto Riserva, Spicy Napoli Sausage and a must-try is our Tuscan cured Pancetta - double Gold winner at the Great Taste Awards!

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Bestsellers in - Cured Meats
Fennel Salami - Finocchiona 160g
Pancetta Tuscan-Cured Bacon 410g
Pancetta Tuscan-Cured Bacon 260g
Wild Boar Salami 180g
Fennel Salami - Finocchiona 500g
Tuscan Salame 175g
Spicy Napoli Salami 700g
Wild Boar Salami 1.4kg
Tuscan Salame Extra Gold 270g
Truffle Salami 385g

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