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We have a diverse range of quality Italian rice by Riseria Molinaro from Vercelli. It includes all the classic Risotto rices, Arborio, Carnaroli, Vialone and Baldo as well as the amazing Black Venere and Wild Red rices.
They also produce a range of ready made risottos - far removed from anything you'd find in the supermarket.

Our Polenta flour is also proving a big hit, produced in timeless artisan fashion and makes a superb version of this classic North Italian dish.

Learn how to make a great Risotto and all about Italian rice varieties in our informative guide 

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Bestsellers in - Rice, Risotto & Polenta
Arborio Rice from Vercelli 1kg
Carnaroli Rice from Vercelli 1kg
Black Rice (Venere) from Vercelli 1kg
Vialone Nano Rice from Vercelli 1kg
Vegetable Risotto - Risotto all'Ortolana 300g
Baldo Rice from Vercelli 1kg
Carnaroli Rice from Vercelli in Cloth Gift Bag 1kg
Truffle Risotto - Risotto al Tartufo 300g
Artichoke Risotto - Risotto ai Carciofi 300g
Arborio Rice from Vercelli in Cloth Gift Bag 1kg

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