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A complete, quality range of antipasti starters from Italy's sunshine island, Sicily plus some wonderful, classic Spanish tapas!

The range includes our award winning sun-dried tomatoes, sweet garlic, aubergine caponata and wonderful vegetables in oil.

Many of these antipasti are also available in large catering sizes.

Rustic Farmhouse Aubergines in Oil 290g
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Rustic Farmhouse Aubergines in Oil 290g
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From a centuries old recipe, luscious sliced aubergines rest in a traditional Sicilian marinade including extravirgin olive oil and local aromatic herbs. So versatile they are perfect on their own as a tasty starter with crusty bread; as part of a mixed platter of antipasti; or a staunch ally of other grilled vegetables as well as practically any meat dish.

Aubergines are a central feature of the Mediterrranean Diet and their finest definition can be found in Sicily. Many recipes have evolved over time and this particularly rustic version (originating from peasants who were so masterful at creating delicious dishes from leftover crops) has been popular for centuries.

Fresh local aubergines are immediately peeled, diced and steam-cooked until perfectly tender. The preparation and combination of ingredients in the marinade eliminates all the bitterness often associated with aubergines, leaving the full natural taste, just as it should be!

It is ready to use straight from the jar, or can be heated up for a few minutes and served warm.

Aubergines are great for a healthy lifestyle. They are rich in antioxidants, calcium, phosphorous, potassium and Vitamins A and C.


These rustic aubergines are so versatile and easy to use:

Ideal as a starter dish on its own. Serve cold or warm with rustic bread.

Often used as a part of a Mediterranean platter.

Makes a fabulous pairing with cured meats and cheese.

Great as a tasty, not to mention healthy, topping on sandwiches.

Serve as a side to any kind of meat including game.

In Sicily these aubergines are often served with fish - well worth trying!

Try them alongside other grilled vegetables.

Delicious as a "special guest" ingredient in a rice or potato salad!


Save the oil marinade and use for grilled chicken.


Aubergines, extravirgin olive oil, vegetable oil, garlic, natural aromatic herbs, sea salt.


Long life product. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 1 month.

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