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A complete, quality range of antipasti starters from Italy's sunshine island, Sicily.

Sicily is world-renowned for its wonderful olives, tomatoes and delicious grilled vegetables, which make superb starters for any occasion.

Our range features 2 premier artisan producers, Etna Conserve and Villa Reale. The range includes our award winning sun-dried tomatoes, sweet garlic, aubergine caponata and wonderful vegetables in oil, all classics of Sicilian cuisine.

Many of these antipasti are also available in large catering sizes.

Sicilian Capers in Sea Salt 140g
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Sicilian Capers in Sea Salt 140g
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Delicious, high quality Sicilian capers preserved in sea salt from Trapani. Capers from Sicily are amongst the finest in the world and are bursting with fragrance and flavour. Capers are also one of the healthiest ingredients around and extensively used in the Mediterranean Diet. They are now really catching on amongst discerning chefs and households in the UK.

Sicilian capers never go unnoticed. They bring their own unique punchy, tangy and piquant character to a dish and can be used as a seasoning or fried to give a crispy texture and more subtle flavour. Best of all they work so well in countless dishes (see some of our suggestions below).

Salt is an essential ingredient for capers, allowing them to ripen and maintain all their natural quality. Note: we are often asked which are better, capers in salt or in vinegar. Well, it does depend on the dish,  but in general we much prefer capers in salt as capers in vinegar tend to retain the acidic taste and while this can be useful for some dishes, most fare better with capers in salt.

Before using, rinse the capers with water to remove the salt (see our tip below) then dry and bathe them in a good extra virgin olive oil. They like being pampered and you can indulge them further by soaking in red wine and then covering in EV olive oil.


Capers are the flowering buds of the Capparis Spinosa, a thorny shrub native to the Mediterranean. From May to September, the buds are picked by hand early in the morning before the flowers open. They come in different sizes and the smaller they are, the more expensive they are. This is simply due to the extra effort it takes to pick them and not for taste. Smaller capers tend to be more understated.


These finest Sicilian capers will deliver a fabulous burst of flavour to hundreds of dishes. They can be use as they are or heated up (Don't overcook them as they will lose flavour).

In general capers make an exemplary pairing for most fish dishes.

They are renowned for promoting the appetite and are therefore a classic part of any Mediterranean platter of starters.

Delicious in salads, they go equally well with tomato, green olives, celery and herbs such as basil, regano and thyme.

Mix them into a paté with black olives for a great tapenade.

They really come into their own as a base for all kinds of rich sauces. Try them in seafood, chicken or game sauces and stews. Lovely served with pasta, rice or potatoes.

Remember capers are an integral part of the Puttanesca sauce.

Use them as a side complement with meat dishes.

Grind them up with olive oil and oregano with a little peperoncino to make a great pesto.

Many famous Italian pizzas proudly carry capers on them.

Great to liven up chicken, tuna or meat sandwiches.

Buttery or olive oil rich dishes will go particularly well with capers.

Fabulous in creamy potato salads.

Add a punch to meatballs.


Usually 10 - 15 mins rinsing is sufficient to eliminate most of the salt. If the dish needs a bit of salt, then rinse for less. If you need to eliminate all salt, then rinse in warm water with several changes of water.


Capers, Sea salt


Long life product. Once opened, keep refrigerated under oil and consume within one month.

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