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More Info00 Manitoba Flour 1kgPFGX023 £2.99 
More Info100% Pure Arabica Italian Coffee 250gICSL016 £5.99 
More Info2010 Rosé Querciavalle Tuscany IGT 75clWLLO006 £9.70  £7.19 
More InfoAbsinthe - Aromatic Lozenges by Leone, Turin 30gBCLE003 £1.99 
More InfoAbsinthe Filled Chocolates 30gICLE010 £3.59 
More InfoAged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Bordeaux Vine 250mlBVCM002 £7.39 
More InfoAged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Golden Vine 250mlBVCM004 £17.49 
More InfoAged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Silver Vine Label 250mlBVCM003 £13.59 
More InfoAged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena White Label 5 ltBVCM001L £25.99  £22.09 
More InfoAged Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia Orange Label 100mlBVBB003 £8.69 
More InfoAged Manchego PDO Campomancha 275gESCH005 £6.39 
More InfoAged White Balsamic Cream Glaze 250mlBVBB013 £6.29 
More InfoAmaretti Biscuits in Gift Bag 120gBCBB019 £2.49 
More InfoAmaretti from Tuscany 100gBCGH001 £1.69 
More InfoAmaretti from Tuscany 200gBCGH002 £2.79 
More InfoAmporaccio - Blown Glass Balsamic Vinegar Dispenser 100mlBVCM008 £15.98 
More InfoAnellini - Small Pasta Hoops 500gPFGX028 £1.49  £1.12 
More InfoAniseed Flavour Lozenges - Leone Candy Originals 30gBCLE037 £1.99 
More InfoAniseed Lozenges in Liberty Design Tins 42gBCLE017 £3.98  £3.71 
More InfoAntipasto! Delicious Italian Starter Selection BoxGD13 £38.99 
More InfoArbequina Olives 370gESAN001 £2.49 
More InfoArborio Rice from Vercelli 1kgRRRM001 £3.59 
More InfoArborio Rice from Vercelli 5kgRRRM002L £15.99  £13.99 
More InfoArborio Rice from Vercelli in Cloth Gift Bag 1kgRRRM002 £4.39 
More InfoArrabbiata Tomato Sauce - Sugo all'Arrabbiata 370gPZGT002 £1.99 
More InfoArtichoke Pate from Sicily 200gBPEC003 £2.89 
More InfoArtichoke Risotto - Risotto ai Carciofi 300gRRRMO09 £2.90 
More InfoArtichokes in Oil from Sicily 300gANEC002 £3.39 
More InfoAssorted Soft Mini-Nougat Torrone in Cube Gift Box 350gBCFN013 £11.99  £9.59 
More InfoAssorted Soft Mini-Nougat Torrone in Gift Box 250gBCFN012 £9.40 
More InfoAubergine Caponata Appetiser 180gANVR001 £2.99 
More InfoAubergine Pate 200gBPEC009 £2.89 
More InfoAward Winning Garlic Pate 200gBPEC002 £2.89 
More InfoAward Winning Prosecco - Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG 75clWLMB001 £8.50 
More InfoAward Winning Sundried Tomato Pate 200gBPEC001 £2.99 
More InfoAward Winning Sundried Tomatoes from Sicily 300gANEC001 £2.99 
More InfoAward Winning Sweet Garlic 200gANEC003 £2.99 
More InfoAward Winning Sweet Garlic 3kgANEC005LAA0417 £24.47  £18.99 
More InfoBaldo Rice from Vercelli 1kgRRRM005 £3.29 
More InfoBalsamic Cream Glaze 250mlBVBB011 £6.29 
More InfoBalsamic Vinegar & Truffle Glaze 150mlTMPT014 £6.49 
More InfoBalsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP White Vine 500mlBVCM001 £3.99 
More InfoBalsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia Orange Label Gift Box 250mlBVBB004 £18.99 
More InfoBalsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia Red Label 100mlBVBB005 £12.49 
More InfoBalsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia Red Label Gift Box 250mlBVBB006 £27.49 
More InfoBalsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia Yellow Label 100mlBVBB001 £5.49 
More InfoBalsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia Yellow Label Gift Box 250mlBVBB002 £11.49 
More InfoBalsamic Vinegar Pearls 50gBVCM013 £8.49 
More InfoBe Italian! - Mixed Lozenges Florence Design Box 30gBCLE032 £1.99 
More InfoBe Italian! - Mixed Lozenges Rome Design Box 30gBCLE033 £1.99 
More InfoBe Italian! - Mixed Lozenges Venice Design Box 30gBCLE031 £1.99 
More InfoBeautiful Gift Set of 3 Authentic Aged Balsamic VinegarsBVBB008 £38.99 
More InfoBella Sicilia! Taste of Sicily HamperHAMP20 £63.99 
More InfoBitter Orange Marmalade. Naturally Sweetened. Sugar Free 240gJHDA013 £3.99 
More InfoBlack Fusilli Pasta - al Nero di Seppia 500gPFGX021 £2.99  £2.24 
More InfoBlack Olive Pate from Sicily 200gBPEC006 £2.79 
More InfoBlack Olives from Aragón 370gESAN003 £2.99 
More InfoBlack Olives in Spicy Oil 285gANEC007 £2.99 
More InfoBlack Squid Ink Spaghetti (Al Nero di Seppia) Pasta 250gPFGR015 £2.19  £1.64 
More InfoBlack Squid Ink Spaghetti (Al Nero di Seppia) Pasta 500gPFGR016 £3.99  £2.99 
More InfoBlack Summer Truffle 30gTMPT004 £6.59 
More InfoBlack Summer Truffle Tagliatelle 250gTMPT017 £4.99  £3.74 
More InfoBlack Truffle Sauce 90gTMPT008 £4.29 
More InfoBorlotti Beans from Puglia 400gSOGO001 £0.99 
More InfoBucatini Pasta from Naples 500gPFGR004 £2.49  £1.87 
More InfoBuristo - Tuscan Black Pudding 300gCMGL017 £3.90 
More InfoCaffe - Aromatic Lozenges by Leone, Turin 30gBCLE004 £1.99 
More InfoCaffé Latte Gran Bouquet by Andrea Slitti 100gICSL019a £4.79 
More InfoCaffe Nero Gran Bouquet by Andrea Slitti 100gICSL019 £4.79 
More InfoCalamaio - Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP 250mlBVCM005 £10.99 
More InfoCalamaio Round - Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP 250mlBVCM010 £10.99 
More InfoCalamari Pasta - Bronze Extruded 500gPFGX010 £1.99  £1.49 
More InfoCampagnolo - Cave Aged Pecorino 865gPRPT007 £23.39 
More InfoCannellini Beans from Puglia 400gSOGO002 £0.99 
More InfoCantuccini with Extra Almonds in Vintage-Style Wrapping 250gBCBB018 £4.79 
More InfoCapellini - Angel Hair Pasta 500gPFGX027 £1.49  £1.12 
More InfoCapocollo (Coppa) Seasoned Neck of Prosciutto 675gCMGL014 £16.89 
More InfoCappuccino & Hazelnut Luxury Cream Spread 220gJHVRS03 £8.49 
More InfoCarnaroli Rice from Vercelli in Cloth Gift Bag 1kgRRRM004 £4.29 
More InfoCasarecce Pasta from Naples 500gPFGR008 £2.49  £1.87 
More InfoCastel del Monte P.D.O. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750mlOOGR001 £7.99 
More InfoCatalan Sausage 300gESCM001 £4.89 
More InfoCavatelli Pasta from Naples 500gPFGR011 £2.89  £2.17 
More InfoChocolate & Hazelnut Pralines in Stylish Treasure Casket 150gICLE004 £13.99 
More InfoChocolate and Hazelnut Coffee Spoons - Set of 3ICSL009 £5.99 
More InfoChocolate Cantuccini Gift Box 100gBCBB004 £1.99 
More InfoChocolate Cantuccini Gift Box 250gBCBB005 £3.39  £1.79 
More InfoChocolate Cantuccini in Cylinder Case 250gBCBB009 £4.49  £2.49 
More InfoChocolate Coffee Spoons - Gift Set of 6 SpoonsICSL007 £9.99 
More InfoChocolate Coffee Spoons - Set of 3ICSL008 £5.99 
More InfoChocolate Ingots in Stunning Gold Treasure Casket 150gICLE008 £13.99 
More InfoChocolate Truffles in Stunning Black Treasure Casket 150gICLE007 £13.99 
More InfoChopped Tomatoes Polpa di Pomodoro 400gPSGX009 £0.84  £0.64 
More InfoChorizo Chopo Cular from Avila 500gESCM007 £17.69 
More InfoChorizo Sarta Extra Dulce 200gESCM005 £3.39 
More InfoCinnamon Lozenges in Sweet Italia Pocket Designer Tins 15gBCLE025 £2.48 
More InfoCioccofruit - Orange & Pure Chocolate Spread 240gJHDA009 £3.69 
More InfoCioccofruit - Pear & Pure Chocolate Cream Spread 240gJHDA010 £3.69 
More InfoClassic Almond Cantuccini Gift Box 200gBCBB002 £2.89  £2.29 
More InfoClassic Almond Cantuccini in Gift Box 100gBCBB001 £1.99 
More InfoClassic Bolognese Sauce - Sugo alla Bolognese 370gPSGX005 £2.59 
More InfoClassic Bruschetta Sauce from Umbria 200gBPPT001 £3.19 
More InfoClassic Cantuccini with Extra Almonds in Cylinder Case 250gBCBB008 £4.79 
More InfoClassic Chocolate Covered Torrone Nougat 200gBCVA003 £4.79 
More InfoClassic Italian Food Selection in Gift BoxICGB001 £19.69 
More InfoClassic Spaghetti from Puglia 500gPFGX001 £1.49  £1.12 
More InfoCoffee Flavoured Cantuccini Gift Box 250gBCBB007 £2.99 
More InfoConchiglione Pasta from Naples 500gPFGR013 £2.89  £2.17 
More InfoCouscous from Quality Italian Durum Wheat 1kgPFGX014 £2.79 
More InfoCracked Sicilian Olives 290gANVR004 £2.89 
More InfoCreate Your Own Gift Box!GH101 £4.90 
More InfoCreate Your Own Hamper!GH100 £9.50 
More InfoDesigner Tins with Fruit Jellies & Sweets - Moka - 100gBCLE026 £8.39 
More InfoDesigner Tins with Fruit Jellies & Sweets - Scooter - 100gBCLE025 £8.39 
More InfoDesigner Tins with Fruit Jellies & Sweets - Typewriter - 100gBCLE027 £8.39 
More InfoDitalini Pasta from Puglia 500gPFGX005 £1.49  £1.12 
More InfoDragées - Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts & Almonds 120gICSL012 £6.85 
More InfoDried Extra Grade Porcini Mushrooms from Umbria 25gTMPT019 £3.99 
More InfoDuck Ragu from Tuscany 180gPSLC006 £4.49  £3.59 
More InfoEleganza - Italian Food HamperHAMP1 £66.99 
More InfoEscalivada - Spanish Roasted Vegetables 350gESAN009 £5.49 
More InfoEtna Pesto - Spicy Red Chilli Pesto from Sicily 200gPSEC001 £3.29 
More InfoExclusive Italian Truffle HamperHAMP9 £57.99 
More InfoExtra Almond Cantuccini in Gift Box - Extra Large 500gBCBB003 £7.49 
More InfoExtra Apricot Jam from Abruzzo 380gJHDA005 £3.39 
More InfoExtra Bitter Orange Marmalade from Abruzzo 380gJHDA002 £3.39 
More InfoExtra Black Artisan Italian Roasted Coffee - Beans 250gICSL024 £4.89 
More InfoExtra Fig Jam from Abruzzo 380gJHDA007 £3.39 
More InfoExtra Forest Fruit Jam 380g - Frutti di BoscoJHDA009 £4.19 
More InfoExtra Italian Clementine Marmalade 380gJHDA10 £4.19 
More InfoExtra Lemon Marmalade from Abruzzo 380gJHDA003 £3.39 
More InfoExtra Peach Jam from Abruzzo 380gJHDA006 £3.39 
More InfoExtra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Basil 250mlOOPT001 £6.69 
More InfoExtra Wild Black Cherry Jam 380gJHDA004 £3.39 
More InfoFennel Salami - 160gCMGL002 £3.20 
More InfoFennel Salami - Finocchiona IGP 1.46kgCMGL002L £26.29  £23.99 
More InfoFennel Salami - Finocchiona IGP 550gCMGL002 £11.09 
More InfoFennel Salami 190gCMGL001AAJULY £3.80  £2.19 
More InfoFettuccine Pasta 500gPFGX011 £1.99  £1.49 
More InfoFig & Almond Cantuccini 150gBCBB011 £2.49  £1.49 
More InfoFine Italian Cured Meat HamperGS16 £35.99 
More InfoFive Classic Pasta Dishes Taster BoxGS11 £36.99 
More InfoFragolino - Wild Strawberry Liqueur 50clWLP0003 £17.50 
More InfoFranciscan Style Sicilian Olives 290gANVR003 £3.49 
More InfoFresh Tortellini al Prosciutto 500gPFPB010 £2.59  £1.29 
More InfoFresh Tortellini with Meat Filling 500gPFPB011 £2.59  £1.29 
More InfoFresh Tortellini with Ricotta & Spinach Filling 500gPFPB012 £2.59  £1.29 
More InfoGianera Dark Chocolate Spread 200gICSL020AAJULY £5.99  £2.89 
More InfoGirotto - Gourmet Hot Chocolate - Gift Pack of 4ICSL015 £6.59  £4.79 
More InfoGirotto - Gourmet Hot Chocolate on a StickICSL014 £1.74 
More InfoGluten Free Casarecce Pasta 400g BoxPFGX035 £2.69  £2.02 
More InfoGluten Free Sedani Rigati 400g BoxPFGX036 £2.69  £2.02 
More InfoGluten Free Spaghetti 400g BoxPFGX034 £2.69  £2.02 
More InfoGoat's Cheese from Spain - Queso de Cabra 300gESCH001 £5.49 
More InfoGoat's Cheese with Aromatic Rosemary - from Andalucia 510gESCH002 £9.49 
More InfoGorgonzola Dolce D.O.P (PDO) 1.36kgCHZAGO01 £16.29 
More InfoGorgonzola Dolce PDO 200gCHZAGO £2.79 
More InfoGorgonzola Piccante D.O.P (PDO) - Sharp 1.48KgICZAGO04 £20.69  £17.59 
More InfoGorgonzola Piccante PDO - Sharp 200gICZAGO03 £2.99 
More InfoGourmet Bolognese Ragu with Veal & Pork 180gPSLC003 £4.39  £3.51 
More InfoGourmet Italian Espresso Coffee - Cremosa 250gICSL018 £4.89 
More InfoGourmet Italian Ingredients BoxGS20 £46.99 
More InfoGourmet Italian Morning Espresso Coffee - Buon Mattino 250gICSL017 £4.49 
More InfoGramigna Coquillettes 500gPFGX021 £1.49  £1.12 
More InfoGran Cacao Finest Italian Dark Chocolate 73 PercentICSL004 £4.19 
More InfoGran Cacao Finest Italian Dark Chocolate 82 PercentICSL005 £4.19 
More InfoGrana Padano PDO 1270gICZAGP01 £17.79 
More InfoGrana Padano PDO 340gICZAGP02 £5.45 
More InfoGreat Taste Award HamperHAMP8 £62.99 
More InfoGreen Lasagna 500gPFGX008 £1.99  £1.49 
More InfoGreen Manzanilla Olives 370gESAN002 £2.89 
More InfoGreen Nocellara Olives from Sicily 300gANEC005 £2.09 
More InfoGreen Olive Pate 200gBPEC005 £2.79 
More InfoGreen Olives from Sicily 3kgANEC010LAAOCT £22.17  £15.99 
More InfoGreen Olives in Spicy Oil 300gANEC006 £2.99 
More InfoGreen Pesto with Truffles 180gPSPT001 £4.49 
More InfoGreen Pitted Olives from Spain 370gESAN004 £2.79 
More InfoGreen Tagliatelle 500gPFGX012 £1.99 
More InfoGreen Tomato & Vanilla Conserve 180gJHDA009AAJULY £3.99  £1.39 
More InfoGround Truffle Bruschetta Starter 180gBPLC007 £4.79 
More InfoHerbes de Provence Fine Seasoning Salt 40gIHPT001 £2.69 
More InfoHomemade Sicilian Bruschetta 180gBPVR001 £2.99 
More InfoHot Arrabbiata Bruschetta - 180gBPVR002 £3.59 
More InfoHot Smoked Paprika from Spain 125gESHS001 £2.39 
More InfoIdiazabal PDO Sheep Cheese 250gESCH006 £8.29 
More InfoIl Bianco - Traditional Italian White Wine Vinegar 250mlBVBB010 £5.29 
More InfoIl Rosso - Traditional Italian Red Wine Vinegar 250mlBVBB011 £5.29 
More InfoIl Tinello White Balsamic Condiment 250mlBVBB012 £6.99 
More InfoIndulgence - Deluxe Italian HamperHAMP7 £141.99 
More InfoInferno - Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chillies from Spain 250mlESOO001 £6.89 
More InfoItalian "00" Flour 1kgPFGX016 £1.89 
More InfoItalian Cakes, Biscuits & Coffee Gift BoxGS10 £29.99 
More InfoItalian Cheese, Paté & Relish Picnic HamperGS17 £49.99 
More InfoItalian Cheese, Salami & Wine Hamper!GS17 £49.99 
More InfoItalian Cherry Tomatoes - Pomodorini 400gPSGT007 £0.99  £0.69 
More InfoItalian Chocolate & Sweets Gift SelectionGS15 £34.99 
More InfoItalian Cured Lardo from the Elsa Valley, Tuscany 270gCMGL019 £4.29 
More InfoItalian Flag Organic Strozzapreti 500gPFMB009 £1.89  £1.42 
More InfoItalian Meat Seasoning Salt 300gIHVR006 £3.69 
More InfoItalian Mixed Vegetable Pate 200gBPEC010 £2.79 
More InfoItalian Pastry Assortment 400gBCVA004 £4.99 
More InfoItalian Peperoncino (Chilli) in Flakes - 30gIHVR008 £2.59 
More InfoItalian Strawberry Jam. Naturally Sweetened. Sugar Free 240gJHDA014 £3.99 
More InfoLattenero Fine Italian Milk Chocolate 45 Percent Cacao 100gICSL001 £4.19 
More InfoLattenero Fine Italian Milk Chocolate 45 Percent Cacao 50gICSL002 £2.99 
More InfoLattenero Fine Italian Milk Chocolate 62 Percent CocoaICSL003 £4.19 
More InfoLimoncello Cream Liqueur 50cl - 17% ABVWLPT008 £16.49 
More InfoLimoncello Gift Set with 2 Traditional Hand-painted Beakers 70clWLPO003a £24.99 
More InfoLimoncello with Decanter Special Limited EditionWLPEDECANTER £59.99 
More InfoLimoncello with IGP Lemons from Sorrento 70clWLP0005 £17.99 
More InfoLingue di Passero - Sparrow's Tongues Pasta 500gPFGX029 £1.49  £1.12 
More InfoLinguini Pasta from Naples 500gPFGR002 £2.49  £1.87 
More InfoLinguini Pasta from Puglia 500gPFGX002 £1.49  £1.12 
More InfoLiquorice Fish in Cubed Designer Box 150gBCLE011 £5.78  £4.63 
More InfoLittle Stars Pasta - Stelline 500gPFGX027 £1.49  £1.12 
More InfoLumaconi Pasta from Naples 500gPFGR021 £2.89  £2.17 
More InfoLuxury Italian HamperHAMP2 £108.99 
More InfoLuxury Tomato & Lobster SaucePSVRS01 £10.89 
More InfoMarzemino dei Colli Trevigiani Veneto 750mlWLMB005 £8.99 
More InfoMascarpone 250gICZAMA01 £1.99 
More InfoMediterranean Pesto 200gPSEC002 £3.49 
More InfoMediterranean Sardines & Wild Fennel Sauce 180gPSVR001 £3.49  £2.79 
More InfoMediterraneo - EV Olive oil with Mediterranean Herbs 250mlESOO002 £6.89 
More InfoMezzi Gomiti Elbow Pasta 500gPFGX033 £1.49  £1.12 
More InfoMilano Salami 1.28kgCMGL003 £22.65  £20.99 
More InfoMilano Salami 420gCMGL007 £7.79 
More InfoMilano Salami 425gCMGL007AAJULY £7.85 
More InfoMillemele Apple Cider Vinegar by Il Borgo del Balsamico 250mlBVBB014 £5.29 
More InfoMint & Lemon Salt Seasoning 300gIHVR006 £3.69 
More InfoMixed Flavour Lozenges in Commemorative Italia Tin 42gBCLE029 £3.98  £3.19 
More InfoMixed Flavours Lozenges in Sweet Italia Pocket Designer Tins 15gBCLE026 £2.48 
More InfoMixed Mushroom Starter 300gANEC004 £2.99 
More InfoMixed Vegetable Antipasto 300gANEC010 £2.69 
More InfoMontepulciano D'Abruzzo DOC 75clWLAF004 £6.98 
More InfoMontepulciano d'Abruzzo Wine Compote 180gJHDA016 £3.99 
More InfoMontepulciano Grape Jam with Extra Fruit 380gJHDA013 £4.19 
More InfoMulti-Coloured Orecchiette Pasta 250gPFGR018 £1.79  £1.34 
More InfoMulti-Coloured Teddy Bear Pasta 250gPFGR019 £1.79  £1.34 
More InfoMushroom Pate 200gBPEC008 £3.19 
More InfoNatural Course Sea Salt from Trapani 300gIHVR005 £3.69 
More InfoNeapolitan Orecchiette - Orecchiette Napoletane 500gPFGR015 £2.89  £2.17 
More InfoNeapolitan Sauce - Sugo alla Napoletana 370gPSGX003 £1.99 
More InfoNero D'Avola IGT Sicilia 75clWLAF003 £7.99 
More InfoOctopus in Galician Sauce 120gESAN005 £2.59 
More InfoOfficial Parmesan Knife - AlmondPRTA001 £1.99 
More InfoOrange Blossom Lozenges - Leone Candy Originals 30gBCLE036 £1.99 
More InfoOrange Liqueur from Campania 50clWLPO001 £15.47 
More InfoOrecchiette Pasta from Naples 500gPFGR006 £2.79  £2.09 
More InfoOrganic Alfabeto Pasta 500gPFMB015 £1.59  £1.19 
More InfoOrganic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI 250mlBVMB001 £6.59 
More InfoOrganic Bronze Drawn Fusilli 500gPFMB012 £1.99  £1.49 
More InfoOrganic Bronze Drawn Penne Rigate 500gPFMB011 £1.99  £1.49 
More InfoOrganic Bronze Drawn Spaghetti from Capelli Wheat 500gPFMB013 £1.99  £1.49 
More InfoOrganic Cannelloni 250gPFMB016 £1.99  £1.49 
More InfoOrganic Conchiglie - Shell Pasta 500gPFMB005 £1.59  £1.19 
More InfoOrganic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily 250mlOOGD001 £4.99 
More InfoOrganic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily 5 litresOOGD003 £47.99 
More InfoOrganic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily 500mlOOGD002 £7.99 
More InfoOrganic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily 750mlOOGD003 £10.89 
More InfoOrganic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain 250mlESOO004 £5.39 
More InfoOrganic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain 500mlESOO005 £8.49 
More InfoOrganic Farfalle 500gPFMB006 £1.69  £1.27 
More InfoOrganic Fusilli 500gPFMB002 £1.59  £1.19 
More InfoOrganic Italian "0" Flour 1kgPFMB014 £2.49 
More InfoOrganic Italian Espresso Coffee 250g - Fairtrade ProjectICMB001AA £4.99  £3.99 
More InfoOrganic Lasagna 500gPFMB010 £2.29  £1.72 
More InfoOrganic Linguini - Bronze Extruded Pasta 500gPFMB004 £1.59  £1.19 
More InfoOrganic Mountain Lentils from Umbria 400gSOMB006 £2.49 
More InfoOrganic Orecchiette 500gPFMB007 £1.59  £1.19 
More InfoOrganic Pearled Orzo (Barley) from Umbria 400gSOMB005 £1.89 
More InfoOrganic Pearled Spelt 400gSOMB004 £2.19 
More InfoOrganic Penne Rigate 500gPFMB001 £1.59  £1.19 
More InfoOrganic Puttanesca Sauce - Tomato, Olives & Capers 300gPSMB002 £2.45 
More InfoOrganic Spaghetti 500gPFMB003 £1.59  £1.19 
More InfoOrganic Spelt Fusilli 500gSOMB002 £2.69  £2.02 
More InfoOrganic Spelt Penne Rigate 500gSOMB001 £2.69  £2.02 
More InfoOrganic Spelt Spaghetti 500gSOMB003 £2.69  £2.02 
More InfoOrganic Strozzapreti 500gPFMB008 £1.59  £1.19 
More InfoOrganic Tomato Passata 700gPSMB001 £1.99 
More InfoOrganic Tossal de Maestrat EV Olive Oil from Andalusia 250mlESOO003 £3.99 
More InfoOrganic Whole Wheat Orecchiette Pasta 500gPFGX031 £1.59  £1.19 
More InfoOrganic Whole Wheat Spaghetti 500gPFGX030 £1.59  £1.19 
More InfoOriginal Stone Ground 70% Chocolate with Orange 55gICLE003 £3.98 
More InfoOriginal Stone Ground Chocolate 70% Cacao 55gICLE001 £3.98 
More InfoOriginal Stone Ground Chocolate with Peppermint 55gICLE005 £3.98 
More InfoOriginal Stone Ground Gianduia Chocolate 55gICLE002 £3.98 
More InfoOrzo Pasta (Rosemarino) from Puglia 500gPFGX004 £1.99  £1.49 
More InfoPaccheri Pasta from Naples 500gPFGR012 £2.89  £2.17 
More InfoPaella Kit with Traditional Paella PanESRR002 £19.99 
More InfoPancetta Tuscan-Cured Bacon 1.65 kgCMGL011L £25.49  £23.99 
More InfoPancetta Tuscan-Cured Bacon 260gCMGL011 £4.29 
More InfoPanettone "Classico" from Milan - 500g500g £4.10 
More InfoPanettone "Classico" from Milan - 750g £5.80 
More InfoPanettone with Candied Apricot in Red Satin Wrap 1000gPAVA005 £12.99  £6.99 
More InfoPanettone with Candied Peach in Blue Satin Wrap 1000gPAVA006 £12.99  £5.99 
More InfoPanforte from Tuscany - Gift Box 225gBCGH011 £5.49 
More InfoPanforte from Tuscany - Handwrapped 100gBCGH013 £3.89 
More InfoPanforte from Tuscany - Handwrapped 350gBCGH014 £8.49 
More InfoPappardelle Pasta from Naples 500gPFGR003 £2.49  £1.87 
More InfoParmigiano-Reggiano DOP Aged 12 Months 1300gPR12AAAUG £29.50  £23.60 
More InfoParmigiano-Reggiano DOP Aged 12 Months 560gPR12 £12.70  £10.16 
More InfoParmigiano-Reggiano DOP Aged 24 Months 1000gPR24 £26.70  £21.36 
More InfoParmigiano-Reggiano DOP Aged 24 Months 1120gPR24AAAUG £29.90  £23.92 
More InfoParmigiano-Reggiano DOP Aged 24 Months 1350gPR24 £35.99  £28.79 
More InfoParmigiano-Reggiano DOP Aged 24 Months 310gPR24 £8.29  £6.63 
More InfoParmigiano-Reggiano DOP Aged 24 Months 370gPR24AAAUG £9.89  £7.91 
More InfoParmigiano-Reggiano DOP Aged 30 Months 1280gPR30 £35.45  £28.36 
More InfoParmigiano-Reggiano DOP Aged 30 Months 290gPR30 £7.99  £6.39 
More InfoParmigiano-Reggiano DOP Aged 30 Months 480gPR30 £13.30  £10.64 
More InfoPear & Honey Compote from Abruzzo 180gJHDA015 £3.99 
More InfoPecorino Cheese with Almonds 665gPRPT004AA £20.59  £6.99 
More InfoPecorino Cheese with Chillies - "Diavoletta" 300gPRPT003 £9.29 
More InfoPecorino Cheese with Olives 300gPRPT006AAJune £9.30  £3.99 
More InfoPecorino Cheese with Olives 350gPRPT006 £10.85 
More InfoPecorino Cheese with Pistachio 355gPRPT005 £10.99 
More InfoPecorino Cheese with Saffron 340gPRPT006 £10.55 
More InfoPecorino Cheese with Walnuts 380gPRPT004 £11.79 
More InfoPecorino Romano DOP - (PDO) 265gICZAPE02 £5.39 
More Info