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Italian Truffle Guide

Truffle & Pasta

Italian Truffle By C. Wilson SHARE: Introduction to the Italian Truffle… Authentic Italian Truffle, exotic, seductive, precious and hugely desirable. The appeal of truffles is undeniable. These mysterious mushrooms are as elusive as they are captivating and their timeless allure and rarity make them the culinary equivalent of gold. What exactly are Italian Truffle? Truffles […]

San Marzano PDO Tomatoes

San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano PDO Tomatoes By C. Wilson SHARE: Introduction to San Marzano PDO Tomatoes… San Marzano Tomatoes PDO (Protected Designation of Origin or DOP) are one of the most emblematic products of Mediterranean cuisine and arguably the world’s finest for making sauces. But with production costs almost 3 times higher than other pomodori pelati (peeled […]

Pasta Disaster!

Pasta Disaster By C. Wilson SHARE: Introduction to Pasta Disaster! There are a number of common stereotypes in Italy concerning various facets of British food in general, but the one which is guaranteed to generate the greatest hilarity is the way some of us Brits cook pasta! This is mainly fuelled by Italian language students […]

Italian Flour

Types of Italian Flour

Italian Flour By C. Wilson SHARE: Introduction to Italian Flour… If you’ve ever wondered why your puff pastry has the lightness of a dumpling or why your pizza base looks like it’s been through the shredder, then it might be you’re using the wrong flour! It seems where Italian flour is concerned, confusion reigns! A […]