Italian Cherry Jam with Extra Fruit 360g

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This is a delicious wild cherry jam with a high fruit content!

From the beautiful, unspoilt national park area of Abruzzo, famed for its orchards which produce some of the finest fruit in Italy.

The fruit is picked at the perfect ripeness when the natural sugar levels are at their highest and then literally crammed into the jars. For this reason the jams are visibly denser and less transparent than others.

Their full fruit flavour and lovely consistency means they are delicious on breakfast toast, for children’s snacks or home-made cakes or desserts. Try them with fresh or aged cheese as well.

Lightly sweetened using only raw cane sugar, it contains no added pectin, preservatives, flavourings or colourants, just delicious natural flavour. Well worth trying!

Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly.

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