Avena Almond Cream Spread 180g

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When only the best will do!

This superb Avena Almond cream spread is another unique addition to the prestigious, new range of luxury spreads celebrating the finest ingredients from Sicily.

Almonds from Avena are amongst the world’s finest and they lend this cream its elegant personality and indulgent flavour.

It isn’t cheap but it is unique and captivating, a true luxury experience that can be shared and enjoyed on any occasion.

Try this cream as a sophisticated accompaniment at breakfast for toast, criossants, broiches or on other sweet cakes but for pure food heaven, it must be tried spread on the wonderful Fiasconaro panettone!

This Avena almond cream spread is part of a new prestigious luxury range of gourmet spreads which use precious ingredients from Sicily.

It contains no added pectin, preservatives, flavourings, colourants or palm oil. Well worth trying!

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