Italian Cured Lardo from the Elsa Valley, Tuscany 380g


Delicious Tuscan cured lardo seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices and aged for a minimum of 60 days.

Italian lardo is most unlike typical lard in the UK, which to most people is a fat used for frying or shortening.

Lardo in Italy, in particular Tuscany, is a true delicacy and one of the most delightful and refined of all Italian cured meats.

It is traditionally enjoyed sliced very thinly on just-toasted bread (see recipe below) but is also one of the great ingredients to have around the kitchen as it lends its unique flavours and aroma to so many dishes. It’s a classic chef’s secret and plays an integral part in the preparation of many haute cuisine recipes.

So why not add a little exquisite magic to your cooking too! (See below for some suggestions).

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