Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Garlic 250ml – B/B 03/09/22

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The combination of a pure, quality extra virgin olive oil and aromatic garlic is one of the most irresitible in Mediterranean cuisine.

The oil itself is from a small local frantoio (olive farm) in Umbria and the garlic is simply left to rest in the oil and infuse all its natural flavour and aroma.

This flavoured oil is a fabulous dressing for all fish dishes, hot or cold. Try it drizzled over veg and salads too.

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This extra virgin olive oil flavoured with Italian garlic is part of a superb selection of quality flavoured oils. They all have their own distinct character and uses, but they all start from the same basic ingredient: a premium quality extravirgin olive oil from a small local frantoio (olive mill) in Umbria.

The garlic is left to rest in the oil and infuses all its natural flavour and aroma.

It is delicate and harmonious, which means hugely versatile in the kitchen. Perfect for pasta, grilled and fried meats, delicious on lamb, fish, cheese and salads.

Other flavoured oils include: Chilli, Sage, Lemon, Oregano, Basil, Rosemary and White Truffle.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dried garlic slices, natural garlic aroma.


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