What are Premios?

Premios are reward points you can earn exclusively from Mediterranean Direct. They can be used to get cash discounts on future orders with us.

How does it work?

Every £1 you spend you’ll automatically earn 4 Premios. Every 100 Premios is worth £1 discount off a future order. You can build up your balance of Premios or cash them in at any time.

How do I join?

It’s fast, easy and completely free! Simply register as a customer and you’ll automatically start earning Premios.

I’m already registered, do I need to do anything else?

No, once registered, you’ll start earning points automatically.

How do I know how many points I’ve earned?

You can find your Premios balance in your Account page. It automatically updates each time you earn or cash in your Premios.

Can you give an example of how they work?

Of course! If you make an order of for example, £53.70, you will earn 4 Premios for every £1 spent, so in this case = 53 x 4 = 212 Premios. These are automatically added to your balance. Now, let’s say you have a total balance of 1200 Premios and you want to cash some in. The next time you make an order (for example £56.50), at checkout you can add any amount of Premios up to your balance and get £1 discount for every 100 you cash in. So, if you decide to use 1000 Premios, your order total is reduced by £10 and your order total becomes £46.50. Your new Premios balance is 384 = 200 not cashed in plus 184 (£46 x 4) earned from this order.

I registered before the Premios programme started, am I entitled to the 150 Premios for signing up?

Yes, you’re account will automatically receive 150 Premios.

How can I earn extra Premios points?

Premios points can be earned via the following methods:

  • Register an account for 150 points to be automatically added to your account.
  • Earn points as you spend. (4 points earned for every £1 spent)
  • Leaving a review on a previously purchased product will reward you with 50 Premios.
  • On your birthday we will reward you with 300 Premios points, when you have registered this in MY ACCOUNT.
How do I receive free 300 Premios for my birthday?

Once you have registered an account with us you will be able to navigate to MY ACCOUNT and update your personal information, including your birthday if you wish to receive the free 300 Premios rewards.