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Bruschetta is traditionally used as a starter course in Italian cuisine consisting of a variety of different flavour and ingredient combinations. Originating in Italy during the 15th century the traditional dish can be traced to ancient Rome, where olives would be brought to a local press to sample their fresh oil using a slice of bread.

This area contains a combination of all products we believe will help make the most traditional and authentic Italian Bruschetta. In Italy it can most often be prepared with the use of a Brustolina grill. Modern variations may include toppings of Cheese, Cured Meat and vegetables like Tomatoes and Beans.

We also stock a variety of delicious Pate, to view our range please click here.

Bruschetta Reviews

  • G Taylor

    I've tried supermarket bruschetta topping and wasn't keen, so thought I would try a more artisan version… I was right Gran Bruschetta is DELICIOUS.

  • K Petersson

    Great taste! Really enjoyed the flavour.