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Buy Guanciale Online at Mediterranean Direct! Our Guanciale is authentic Italian pig cheek rubbed with a mixture of spices and salts. These can be ingredients such as fennel, thyme, black or red pepper and sometimes garlic. It is then cured for around 3 weeks which results in a reduction of up to 30% of its original weight!

Guanciale comes from the Italian word for cheek, Guancia. Usually used in traditional pasta dishes it can be cut into thin strips and rendered, similar to bacon. The fat can be as important as the Guanciale too, helping create a salty richness to your dishes.

Mainly used in the region of Lazio, pasta dishes like Gricia, Amatriciana and Carbonara rely on the addition of good quality Guanciale, it is also used as a pizza topping and in salads too!

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