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Spanish & Italian Pate

Spanish & Italian Pate can be served cold or hot though is at its best after a few days of being chilled. Often served on bread or crackers and made from a variety of ingredients such as pork, poultry, beef or fish with vegetables, herbs and spices.

Our award-winning sundried tomato and garlic pate are two stand out items from our range of Etna Conserve products while the Wild Boar or Pheasant pate from our Caccia e Corte selection are outstanding!

We also stock a variety of delicious Bruschetta, to view our range please click here.

Pate Reviews

  • Christine Monk

    The Arichoke & Sicilian Almond Pate is so yummy! Arrived quickly and packaged so well, exactly what I was looking for!

  • Terence Sudberry

    The Chilli Pepper Pate is excellent on sandwiches, spreads and a pizza twist.

  • John Barnett

    The Chilli Pepper Pate is so simple and really tasty, with a lovely chilli kick. An amazing pate that heightens anything it's spread on

  • Lee Dowdle

    Smooth and perfect blend of ingredients. I love the Black Olive pate on salads, roasts and toast! Recommended!

  • Patricia Styles

    The Garlic Pate is So tasty! This is a smoothly blended spread that can be used as a dip or topping. Tastes great with pasta or crackers or even on the side with salad or bread. Full of flavour but not salty or spicy.

  • Adi Mason

    The Garlic Pate is really different and delicious. It was great on a sandwich. I added some oil and used it as a salad dressing.

  • Gloria Rogers

    Sundried Tomato Pate is delicious and has many uses! We love it

  • Deidre Myles

    Sundried Tomato Pate is big flavour, great consistency and versatility, very good on all counts