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Buy quality Pesto online. Traditionally referred to as Pesto alla Genovese. It is a sauce which traditionally consists of course salt, crushed garlic, basil leaves and a hard cheese such as parmesan or pecorino. All blended together with the use of olive oil it is typically most often used in pasta dishes with pasta like our award-winning trofie pasta!

Available in a variety of recipes, with producers such as Villa Reale and Etna Conserve we are sure you will find the perfect addition for your Mediterranean dish.

We also offer a wide range of pasta to enjoy. For more information, please click here.

Pesto Reviews

  • P Rudkin

    Pesto Ferdinandea is easy to use and great for pesto pasta fans!

  • Giovanni Marchese

    I love the Pesto Pistachio sauce. I find I need far less oil and use more water without losing the wonderful flavor.

  • Ann Rice

    Our favourite pesto! Tastes great on pasta or bread. Even on grilled chicken. Good hot or cold.

  • Lyddie Foster

    Pesto Peperoni tastes as good as homemade

  • S Simcock

    The Pesto Genovese is the best creamy pesto sauce we have come across.

  • Shona M

    Pesto Genovese is great product, great price - what's not to like?

  • Tim Woodhouse

    Thoroughly recommended

  • David Mckail

    Really makes the perfect pesto

  • Ellen Frasier

    Delicious fresh flavours

  • Luisa Orlandi

    The Sicilian Pesto is a fabulous pesto that makes an even more fabulous dip!